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ASM Storm Preparations

Storm and Hurricane Preparedness

We recommend immediate attention to the following when NOAA weather alerts us that Nantucket could be exposed to a severe storm or hurricane warning.

1. Boats that can be hauled on a trailer should be hauled out now
2. Remove dinghy from davits, dinghy dock or beach and haul to high ground
3. Reduce windage, i.e. remove all canvas, dodgers, biminis, enclosures, etc.
4. Remove furling jibs completely and stow below
5. Remove anchors that project forward of the roller furler and alike as the anchor will chafe away the mooring pennant in heavy seas
6. Lash main sails or remove completely
7. Your existing pennant line should be adequate, but if you add additional lines you must zip tie them together every 2 feet so they cannot tangle around the mooring ball (adding lines inappropriately will greatly increase the chances that your pendant line will chafe through)
8. Double check and secure chafe gear in place where mooring pennant or bridle passes through chocks. This is very important. It must stay in place throughout the entire storm. Secure additional chafe guard as needed at other potential chafe areas.
9. Shut off all seacocks
10. Secure all ports and hatches